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The Grünmetropole – encompassing everything from printen to pralines, and trappist beer to jenever - stretches from Beringen (B) in the west, through Heerlen (NL), to Düren (D) in the east. It is one of the oldest coal mining regions in Europe and the industry set the tone here for centuries. After the demise of King Coal, the entire region, which straddles three different countries, faces the challenge of structural change. From a common past, a common future is emerging, for Belgians, Dutch and Germans alike. To enhance the future prospects of this tri-national region, it is vital that its rich diversity of assets (including tourism, culture and the economy) are effectively harnessed and that people take a look over the border, exchange ideas and work together.

Heiden house
Heiden house

To promote this singleness of purpose two new recreational routes have been developed in the Grünmetropole. The Grünroute for cyclists, and the Metropolroute for cars, cover 370 km and 270 km respectively and link up more than 70 places of special interest, nature reserves and recreational areas, revealing the multifaceted potentiality of the Grünmetropole. Multilingual Info-Points, a general map and an online digital map facilitate travel within the region, so whetting the appetite for the discovery of a new landscape.


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