Dear readers, dear friends of Eurode,

Christoph von den Driesch
mayor of the city of Herzogenrath


“Eurode: rolling back the frontiers!” – after reading this website, this catch phrase will become abundantly clear.

As mayors of Eurode, we know what we are talking about. On many occasions, we’ve cut through the red tape and come up with practical solutions for joint cooperation across national boundaries.

Our long and successful partnership has since pervaded all aspects of life on either side of the border.

Economically and politically speaking, the Eurode alliance has been helping Herzogenrath and Kerkrade to plough their own unique furrow on the road to a united Europe.

Every single day, we are endeavouring to implant the achievements of this vibrant exchange between the two towns in the wider Euregion, and to build on these successes in the future.

Whether this is in the field of education, culture, public order or emergency services, we continue to develop these networks for our mutual gain. Finally, together, not only are we twice as large in geographical terms, we have twice as many people and, in turn, twice as strong!

Eurode more than justifies a visit – just come and see for yourself!


Happy reading

Your Eurode Mayors